Top 3 Knits to Sell at Markets (...#1 Sells Out at Nearly Every Market)

When I first started selling my knits at markets, I tried to bring things that could be listed at a lower price. I assumed that if someone was meandering around a craft show, they are more likely to snag a $5 coffee sleeve rather than a $30-$60 handmade hat.


If I’ve learned one thing since starting to vend at markets, it’s that people are unpredictable. You go to a market once and sell out of everything…next time, at the exact same market, you could struggle to sell anything. Keeping this in mind, I have a few favorites that are consistent sellers at my markets and stand FAR above the rest.

#3 Cable Headband

A perfect impulse-buy item that will knit up quick and use up that scrap pile of chunky yarn.

I love making these in a variety of colors to inspire someone to pick it up as a gift for their mom, sister, best friend, etc. etc. etc. when they see that perfect color (my mom couldn’t resist the green one!)

#2 Alpine Beanie

Similar to the cable knit beanie, the more color combinations the better.

My most successful version of these? Customized to our local sports teams (Go Browns!). If you make these in location-specific colors, I promise you people will gravitate towards them in your booth.

#1 Modern Knit Beanie

When I say that these sell out almost every time I attend a market, I mean it. Last season I was constantly replenishing these things…and I’ve finally figured out why!

They fit nearly EVERYONE. Honestly, they do. I have a larger head, and they fit me perfectly. People with smaller heads (including children!!) love the fit as well. The stitches stretch and mold for the perfect fit. What more could you ask for?