Four Easy Ways to Save on Craft Supplies (#2 is my favorite!)

Being a maker can be extremely rewarding and equally as draining on your bank account. Supplies + materials are not cheap. But with a few simple steps, you can start saving on your precious materials AND earn cash back to go toward buying more. It's a win-win!


1. Coupons (Joann and Michaels, Hobby Lobby)

We all know coupons = saved $. But paper coupons can be a hassle. Did you know there are simpler ways to collect + use coupons than spending an evening clipping them from flyers? This used to be me...then I learned there's an even simpler way to rack up those savings at the register! 

Apps: Instead of rushing to Google coupons in the checkout line, having the app for your favorite craft store saves time, stress and money. Did you know that certain apps have extra coupons that you can only get through their app? Well they do! Don't miss out on this opportunity for simple and significant savings!

Direct Coupons: I signed up for JoAnn's text coupons on a whim one day and it has truly paid off! Like in the apps, text message coupons are additional savings that you can use on top of the app and print coupons. Also, they're super convenient -  you don't have to do anything but click the link in the text to use them!

2. Ibotta

This is by far my favorite way to save money + get cash back. It's simple, quick and usually has some pretty big returns. JoAnn's almost always has 15%-20% cash back on ALL purchases - on top of your coupons! I've earned $200+ cash back since I started using this app.

How it works: After your shopping trip (i do it in the car!), log on to the app, pick your store, click the "+" sign on deals that apply to your purchase and either upload a photo or scan the barcode on your receipt. Your funds will be in your account within 48 hours!

(Bonus: if you sign up at this link or use my referral code ypdewex you'll get $10 to start you off!!)

3. Rewards Programs

I am a HUGE advocate for rewards programs. Kroger, Meijer, Michaels, Speedway...if there's a reward program to enroll in, you can bet that I'm part of it! I mean, they're free! Why wouldn't you?! (Note: this is very different from store credit cards like Target or Macy's. Those can be good, but are not necessarily free).

4. Sales!

This may seem obvious, but it also might be the easiest way to save. If you’re not in need of supplies right this minute, then WAIT! There will likely be a sale soon - just keep your eye out and check websites daily. I suggest checking the weekly ads before heading to the store because if you’re at the store, you’re less likely to search for sales.

What are some of your tried + true ways to save? Share them below!