Knitting Pattern: Bow Beanie

After our recent move, I went to the local library and got my very first library card as a "grown-up" this a mid-life crisis? When things like library cards and farmers markets fill me with such joy? Either way. I love it + I'm embracing it.

The day I found the Knitting section of our library, my life changed. Maybe I'm a little dramatic, but really. Pinterest is awesome - and I love saving my favorite pins - but sometimes it can be truly overwhelming. Especially when looking for inspiration to try something new!


Flipping through the pages of this book brought such inspiration to me! I could easily and tangibly see what the stitches look like + step by step instructions on how to achieve them. SO much easier than spending hours searching for new stitches online.

After a few days of skimming the pages, I found myself coming back to the Bow Knot Stitch and picturing it as a hat. Thus, The Bow Beanie was born!


This seemingly intricate design makes any maker look like a professional! The stitch is deceivingly simple to follow, as long as you watch your tension. If you can knit in the round, yarn over and slip stitches, you can make this hat!

Go ahead, give it a try! And please don't hesitate to contact me by email, Instagram, Facebook, or any other method - I'm happy to help. Be sure to tag me, @cozybycaroline, when you show off your final product online!

You can find the pattern: at this link

Happy knitting!