You Are More Than Your Follower Count

Has anyone else been noticing their follower count go up & down, almost daily, by 5-10 followers? It seems that for every follower I gain, I lose another and it's driving me crazy! 

After weeks (ok, really months) of highs and lows, I find myself feeling dizzy from the pressure I put on myself to always grow. Growth is good, growth is a positive thing and a great goal to have - but growth also needs to be authentic. 

Come to find out, the followers I've been gaining and losing so quickly are not real followers. They're not following me for my message or my aesthetic or my products - they're following me in hopes that I'll follow them back and they can get their follower numbers up. In short: this is not my audience.


If you find yourself, like me, obsessing over the 1 or 2 people that unfollowed/followed you today, it's important to change your perspective on your follower count. I know you know this, but I'm here to tell you - You are more than your follower count. Let me say it again...YOU are MORE than your follower count. And here's how.

Your Business is Still Legitimate

Do you sell a product or service? Are people purchasing what you're offering? You are a business. Whether you've sold 2 or 200, you are a business. The sales will come, it takes time. Keep going!

...and You Can Still Make Sales

On average, sales do not come from Instagram. Your followers will not purchase your products. They're all-in for listening to your message and supporting what you create, but they're not necessarily your customers. Your customers will come from SO many other platforms than Instagram - Etsy, your own website, Pinterest, your blog - all of these things tend to draw in more paying customers than Instagram.

You Are Creating Something of Value

Your work is not in vain. Whether you knit, paint, hand-letter, take photos, or just create content for fun - your work and creativity is not wasted. Using your gifts is a gift to the world. Keep creating!

There Are People Who Care

Remember all of those people who are still there? They are your audience! They are the ones who will look at your photos, read your content, check out your products, and interact with you. 


I challenge you to reflect on these things next time you feel yourself obsessing over that little number in the corner of your Instagram feed. Instead of staring at that number, let's celebrate the comments and connections made, let's celebrate the beauty of our feed and the content we are creating!

Here's what I preach to myself every time these thoughts seep in: You do you, girl. The followers will come. Continue making, continue creating, and continue sharing. Be authentic, be you. They will come.