50 Way to Embrace the Cozy

We all have those times when we just want to cozy up with a good movie and snuggly blanket. But sometimes you want to go beyond Netflix and chill for relaxation. What do you do then?

I've compiled my tried + true list of the best ways to treat yourself to a few moments of cozy.


1. Draw a bath with all the fancy bath accessories - bath bombs, salts, etc.
2. Light your favorite scented candle
3. Bake a batch of cookies from scratch - these are my favorite :) 
4. Walk through a neighborhood with beautiful, old homes
5. Do a 10 or 20 minute yoga flow of sun salutations, ending with a few minutes of corpse pose
6. Put a blanket in the dryer for 5 minutes - when it's done, wrap yourself in the warmth
7. Turn off the screens and read a book or magazine for 30 minutes
8. Try a new type of face mask - I suggest hydrating sheet masks from Target or Sephora!
9. Pour yourself coffee or tea in your favorite mug + take a moment to enjoy the scent
10. Go to a new cafe or bakery and order your favorite type of pastry
11. Gather a few candles to light, turn out the lights + meditate for 10 minutes
12. Put on your favorite snuggly sweater
13. Buy a new warm scarf...just because!
14. Write down 10 things you are thankful for right now - soak in that gratefulness
15. Call a friend and tell them how much you love + cherish them
16. Put on the softest, comfiest pair of socks you can find
17. Visit a new local coffee shop you've been wanting to try. Sit + stay a while.
18. Take a hot shower + wrap up in a warm robe afterwards
19. Spend 10 minutes tidying up your home - you'll feel relaxed + rejuvenated after, I promise!
20. Go for a drive to no where, listening to your favorite songs (bonus: windows down if it's summer!)
21. Find a recipe on Pinterest you've been dying to try - spend the afternoon making it for yourself
22. Start a new arts + crafts project
23. Make a delicious cup of hot cocoa (marshmallows included, of course!)
24. Put on your favorite sweat pants + sweat shirt combo
25. Grab your favorite Starbucks drink + take a leisurely stroll through Target (or your fave store)
26. Make a batch of homemade muffins + enjoy one while it's warm
27. Hang twinkly lights around your room to set a cozy vibe
28. Move your couch cushions to the floor + put on your favorite movie
29. Meet a friend at your favorite lunch spot + enjoy a technology free conversation
30. Take a Saturday morning to sleep in with no alarm clock, then make a fresh batch of pancakes + coffee in the morning
31. Walk up and down the aisles of your local library, picking up books based on their covers + titles
32. Switch out your regular morning coffee with your favorite latte
33. Wash your sheets + put them on your bed immediately out of the dryer. Then snuggle in!
34. Cook up your favorite meal, then enjoy it on the couch watching your favorite Netflix show
35. Collect all of the blankets in your home + cover yourself with them on the couch for a nap
36. Lather yourself in a soothing scented lotion - I will always love this one from Bath & Body Works
37. Buy yourself some flowers + create your own arrangement - Trader Joe's has a great selection for this
38. Soak your feet in a bath of warm water + give yourself an at-home pedicure
39. Create a dream board with photo inspiration for your future home, vacations + more
40. Sit by a fire (summer = bonfire, winter = fireplace)
41. Take your time on a new recipe - savor every smell + sound as you cook
42. Do a social media cleanse - unfollow those who bring you down, follow more who encourage + inspire you
43. Knit your own cozy hat - follow this fan favorite knitting pattern
44. Light a few candles, put on soothing music + soak in the bathtub before bed
45. Wash your face with a good cleanser, then put on moisturizer - so refreshing
46. Wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual to do a few stretches + meditation
47. Journal about your favorite vacation or place you've visited. 
48. Snuggle on the couch with a glass of wine + your favorite TV show to binge watch
49. Pick up take-out on your way home + have dinner at home, outside. No clean up!
50. Give yourself 10 minutes to do nothing. Just sit, let your mind wander, dream + acknowledge your blessings.

Which idea is your favorite?
What cozy activities would you add to this list?

Let me know in the comments!