The Best Homemade Cold Brew

Who doesn't love finding ways to save a few extra $$ here and there? I know I do! But when it comes to iced coffee, flavor is not something that can easily be skimped on - especially if you're addicted to a certain Starbucks blend like me (see below for evidence of my true love for 'bucks).

Pinterest is lined with different "Copycat recipes" that claim to taste just as good as your beloved iced beverage from your favorite local or chain coffee shop. Over the past few years I've tried some here and there but never found any quite as refreshing, and I'd end up forking over another $4.00 after a failed attempt.

I turned to some intense online searching to combine and tweak every recipe that I could find and I've finally come up with my PERFECT method to make a refreshing, and energizing, iced coffee at home for under $0.15 per cup! And it is SO easy...a win-win!


Homemade Cold Brew

Make your iced coffee + enjoy it too, for under $0.15 per glass!

Ingredients + Materials
Large french press
4 Cups cold water
1 Cup coarsely ground, dark roast coffee
[Be sure that it is coarsely ground otherwise your cold brew could turn out muddy. You can always ask for it to be ground on a coarse setting wherever you buy your favorite dark roast beans!]
Optional: Milk, Creamer + Sweetener [I use Silk Almond Creamer in the Caramel flavor. Highly recommend!]

Combine water + grounds in French Press and cover (do not press!)
Refrigerate for 10-12 hours
Press to separate grounds and brewed coffee
Pour into a storage container (pitcher, glass jar, etc) and store for up to 1 week

Add milk, cream or water to taste
Mix with ice and enjoy!

Want it stronger? Add increments of 1 hour to your steeping time and use coffee ice cubes. 

I'd love to hear your feedback or any combinations of your own that you've tried and loved!